We're proud to share a new issue of the #BrackMag in collaboration with the cultural mapping project ‘This is Home’ organised by Matt3r, which ran from Oct 2015 to May 2016. It documents the culmination of the project in the exhibition 'This Is Home' in Dec 2015, which opened in the social space The Recess and then travelled back home to Queenstown Library and Community Centre. The collection of stories form reflections on the themes explored in the artworks, including: Loo Ching Ling’s rumination on routines of a HDB dweller; Bestlyn Loo’s discussive piece on the liminality of the corridor; Emma Goh’s fictional piece that matches the “mixture of abstract and realistic arrangements” in both artists Ng Hui Hsien’s Sands and Sufian Samsiyar’s The Imaginary World of Tanglin Halt. He Liwei’s footnotes from a stranger’s notebook. From afield, Melinda Lauw explores (such a lack of) space via the Fung Wah Biennial in New York. Issue Editor Nazry Bahrawi considers Singapore vis-à-vis Penang. We’ve poured our hearts into the making of this volume and there's so much more inside that we would like to show you. The magazine is freely available online now. Next month we're back at My Queenstown for a xinyao concert. We'll have more details later. Meanwhile, read it, share it, we'd love to hear from you. Read this issue